Different Types of Skip Bins

The trees in your property have become unruly after several months of neglect and you’ve finally decided to have them trimmed. Your yard looks like a cyclone just demolished it, and you want to have those branches removed immediately. The problem is you don’t have a truck large enough to transport all this green waste from your property to your city’s composting facility or landfill.

Fret not because we have different types of skip bins available for our customers in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. We’re going to break them down by size, as well as their price. So if you fired up your computer and typed ‘skip bins near me’ or ‘skip bin hire,’ then this blog post is for you.

Marrel or Mini Skip Bins

Marrel or mini skip bin is one of the most popular skip bins for residential or commercial customers alike. The sides of this specific skip bin are higher, but it is one of the smallest and most affordable ones you can get. The size of this skip bin ranges from as small as 3 cubic metres to as big as 8 to 9 cubic metres.

It is suitable for regular household waste, soil, and green waste. If you’re planning to use a mini skip bin to dispose of construction waste, then make sure to get the largest one available to avoid multiple trips.

Hooklift or Walk-in Bins

Hooklift or Walk-in Bins Brisbane

What makes hooklift skip bins different from marrel bins is the presence of a rear door that allows loaders easier access to the interior. They are also longer than marrel bins but have lower sides. These are available in a wide range of sizes, from 14 cubic metre to 36 cubic metres, making them ideal for transporting large amounts of waste.

Because of their sheer size, these bins are ideal for larger jobs, such as hauling discarded construction materials from a jobsite or getting rid of old or damaged furniture. This type of bin is also great for transporting and disposing of soil and large tree branches.

Mobile Skip Bins

Mobile skips are some of the newest skip bins available in Australia. These skip bins have  sloped rear where their lockable lid is located, but what truly sets them apart is the presence of wheels. You can hook it up to your car like a trailer, but make sure that your vehicle can take the load as it can become quite heavy.

Skip Bin Hire Tips

Green Skip Bin Brisbane
  • When hiring our skip bins, please ensure that there is a clearance of at least 3 metres from both sides for hassle-free loading and unloading.
  • Please give 24-hour advance notice if you want to hire one of our skip bins. We may be able to deliver a skip bin to your area on the same day, but this is subject to availability.
  • Do not load chemicals, liquids, food waste, tyres, and hazardous wastes into our skip bins.

How much are skip bins to hire? Please contact our crew to know more about our skip bin hire prices.