What Waste Can You Put In A Skip?

Nowadays, a lot more people are turning to skip bins in order to help them with their waste. Skip bins not only remove the rubbish that you have, but they can hold more trash than you can imagine. This begs the question, what waste can you put in a skip? You do not just place whatever it is that you find at home. There are certain wastes that are exempted from this. To know more about what you can put in a skip bin, read down below.

Garden waste

Garden cuttings and tree debris could easily fill up your skip bins. Hence, we recommend mini cheap skip bins for your garden waste. Since garden waste technically belongs to green waste, you are permitted to place them in a skip bin.

Industrial waste

If you are in the process of renovating or demolishing a piece of your home, it is inevitable not to produce a lot of waste. Luckily, waste from construction and other industries can be placed in a skip bin. The bins provide convenient access to moving the rubbish off your site. This rubbish can include steel, bricks, cement, tiles, and piping.

You may also beg to ask, can you put glass in a skip? The answer would be yes. Glass can be considered as industrial waste especially since many glasses are involved in the construction of your home: from the windows to comfort rooms. Skip bins are durable enough to withstand the sharpness and weight of materials such as glass.

Household waste

Sometimes, it could be difficult to get rid of old furniture items at home. Apart from being heavy, some of these furniture items are also bulky and intricate. To save you all the time and energy, hire a skip bin and they would take care of them for you. So in terms of furniture, there are certain items that you can place in your skip bin. Beds, chairs, and tables can be thrown into a bin. Moreover, home office furniture is also accepted.

Since we are talking about household waste, you can also throw some items found at home that you think are unnecessary. These include your books, toys, and clothes, among others.

Electronic waste

Finally, you can dispose of electrical goods that you deem are already not useful at home. Just remember that they can harm the environment so we recommend that you be responsible for disposing them of. Skip bins are useful for getting rid of your old TVs, computers, and stereos, among others.

What Not To Throw In A Skip Bin

Not all of your waste can be thrown into a bin. There are no specialized skip bins for food waste, chemicals, batteries, and other flammable materials. The reason is that they can trigger a reaction in the bin that could bring more harm than good to the environment. So we recommend only throwing the appropriate waste into your skip bins. This way, you do not only help yourself, but you also help save the environment too.