Getting Your Money’s Worth Without Overloading Skip Bins

It’s time to get rid of that ugly sofa and scratched coffee table you inherited from aunt Martha, but the thing is your pickup truck doesn’t have enough space for the furniture you’re going to throw out. Your friends don’t have a truck large enough for it either, so you’re stuck wondering what to do.

The solution to your dilemma is quite simple. If you’re throwing away an unusual amount of rubbish and it will not fit in your vehicle, then it’s time to hire a skip bin service located in Brisbane or the Sunshine Coast.

What are the Different Skip Bin Sizes?

If the first question on your mind is “what is the bin size,” then check out our list of different skip bin sizes below.

Skip Bins:

  • 3 Cubic Metres
  • 4 Cubic Metres
  • 6 Cubic Metres
  • 8 Cubic Metres

Hook Bins

  • 12 Cubic Metres
  • 15 Cubic Metres

Guidelines on Location Access and Waste Loading

Guidelines on Location Access and Waste Loading on Brisbane
  • Make sure that the area where we are going to deliver the skip bin is clear of any obstructions. Before we head out to your location, we require customers to inform us of any issues beforehand so our crew can adjust. These include narrow roads and blocked access to your property because of road repairs.
  • To operate safely, our vehicles will require a clearance of at least three metres from both sides. Please inform us about overhead wiring, hedges, and other barricades that may be in place at your property.
  • Skip bins are quite heavy. Please make sure that your driveway or the area we’re going to put the skip bin can withstand its weight. We will follow your instructions to the best of our ability, but we are not liable for any damage incurred on the property unless it was caused by our negligence.
  • Please do not move the bin from where we originally left it to prevent any difficulties when it’s time to retrieve it.

How to Avoid Overloading the Skip Bin

Avoid overloading Skip Bins
  • Check the loading marks painted on the bins before putting items inside.
  • Do not place items in the bin until it is overflowing as these objects would only fall off during transport. Our crew has the right to remove items that are well beyond our bin’s limit.
  • Large tree branches, long steel rebars, and pipes should be cut into smaller pieces before loading them in a skip bin. This is to ensure safer transport while on the road.
  • Pack smart to maximise every inch of space inside the bin.
  • We can only accept general waste, green waste, heavy waste, and clean soil. Do not load tyres, toxic chemicals, and other prohibited rubbish inside the bins. Give us a call for more information about prohibited items.
  • Do not force large items inside the skip bin just because you want to save money. Get a larger skip bin if necessary.

If you have any questions about our skip bins, then feel free to give us a call, send us an email, or leave a message on our web form. We’re more than happy to discuss the different skip bins we have available for Brisbane and Sunshine Coast customers, as well as the types of wastes that you can load inside and how you can maximise every space available.